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All our products are produced without the use of any harmfull chemicals and we provide you the best quality cooking oils.

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About Our Dispensary

We use high quality and certified product from the INDIA

Viviktha Life Is An Upcoming Oil Production Company, Which Specializes In Manufacturing Of Pure And Premium Quality Woodpressed Oils, Extracted From Seeds Of Top Notch Quality.

Woodpressed Oil retains the freshness and flavours within it. This is an important attribute, when it comes to Woodpressed Groundnut oil, Woodpressed gingely oil, Woodpressed sesame oil and woodpressed Coconut oil.

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Almond Oil

100% Pure

Almond oil is not only beneficial for cooking but also for skincare. It is commonly used as a natural moisturizer and can help nourish and hydrate the skin. Its vitamin E content contributes to maintaining healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, and promoting a radiant complexion.

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What We Provide

 At Viviktha Life, We provide you the best quality cooking oils and our focus is on delivering oils that are not only of the purest quality but also provide numerous health benefits. This is achieved by ensuring that the oils are not heat-treated or treated with any chemicals. The result is oils that are rich in nutrients and provide numerous benefits to the body.

  • Extra Virgin Higher quality wood pressed oil production done from Viviktalife.
  • New Harvest Harvest oil is dedicated to providing you with high-quality ultra-premium oils.
  • Original Taste The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of our oils are kept unaltered.
  • A Delicate Blend A delicate blending wood pressed operation is used to ensure our oils has a perfect balance.
  • High Quality High-quality extra premium oil is perfect as a health benefit and perfect for Food.
  • Natural Oil We produce high quality organic woodpressed oil because we use only eco-friendly products.
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what we deliver

We prioritize your health

We guarantee the premium quality of the products we sell. To serve you with products that enhance your well being is our priority

  • Gourmet Flavor We focus on providing our clients only the freshest products from around the world.
  • Special Oils The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of oils are kept unaltered.
  • Health Benefits The health benefits of oils are unrivaled and research reveals new every day.
  • Extraordinary Taste We produce every day the extraordinary wood-pressed organic oil.

What our buyers say

I absolutely loved the taste and natural flavour of the groundnut oil and safflower oil as well. They are very transparent when it comes to production process. Vivikta Life is.

Tanmay Prabhu N

I bought coconut oil from the shop it’s natural with no added preservatives, it taste and smell very good I have shared the details to my friends so that they.

Harinder Sharma

I would I like to write my first review to a very good product and a very good initiative take by vivikta life to help as all in leading a.

Charan Rk

My father tried safflower oil from this shop. He really liked it and suggested me to try. I found a huge difference between the one I'm using and this. They.

Minolyn Dcosta