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Viviktha Life is a company with a vision of providing the best quality oils extracted from top-notch seeds. Established with the aim of delivering pure and premium quality woodpressed oils, the company is dedicated to bringing the best to the table. Viviktha Life’s journey began with a group of oil enthusiasts who had a passion for producing high-quality oils. Their vision was simple: to create a product that is pure, natural, and free from any harmful chemicals.
As an upcoming oil production company, Viviktha Life is committed to the highest standards of quality. The company understands the importance of producing oils that are not only pure but also of the highest quality. To achieve this, Viviktha Life uses only the best quality seeds, which go through a rigorous selection process to ensure maximum purity. The oils are then extracted using the traditional woodpressed method, which ensures that the natural goodness of the seeds is retained.
At Viviktha Life, the focus is on delivering oils that are not only of the purest quality but also provide numerous health benefits. This is achieved by ensuring that the oils are not heat-treated or treated with any chemicals. The result is oils that are rich in nutrients and provide numerous benefits to the body.Viviktha Life is more than just an oil production company. It is a company that is dedicated to providing its customers with the best products and services. The company believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy life, and its range of oils is designed to help customers achieve just that. With a commitment to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction, Viviktha Life is a company that you can trust.

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    Viviktha Life Is An Upcoming Oil Production Company, Which Specializes In Manufacturing Of Pure And Premium Quality Woodpressed Oils, Extracted From Seeds Of Top Notch Quality.
    Woodpressed Oil retains the freshness and flavours within it. This is an important attribute, when it comes to Woodpressed Groundnut oil, Woodpressed gingely oil, Woodpressed sesame oil and woodpressed Coconut oil.The Woodpressed method of oil extraction uses wooden smasher, which helps in preservation of nutritive value within it. This also extends the storage durability of the oils for a longer term. New aged refined oils are heated upto 230⁰ C, and as the consequence of this excessive heating, oil loses most of its nutrients. On the other hand, the omega 6 fatty acids are also destroyed. Woodpressed oils help in reduction of bad cholesterol and enhance the human body to store good cholesterol. The presence of phytosterols, helps in reduction of bad cholesterol in the human body